Q3 2018

PHASE 1: RD-3 test platform design & prototyping.

In order to test various system configurations, a scaled functional system was developed. Capable of capturing targets, disabling them by way of collision, then relocating targets to a predefined location.

Q4 2018

PHASE 2: Air-to-Air capture feasibility testing.

Multiple Air-to-Air capture tests were conducted with a 100% threat elimination rate. These tests included multiple changes to the control system configuration, leading to a comprehensive model for effective capture.

Q1 – Q3 2019

PHASE 3: Custom proprietary powertrain development.

In consideration of the size of some potential targets being in the range of 15kg – 20kg, it was necessary to develop a power system capable of providing both high speed and high thrust. The outcome of this R&D program was our Alpha13 powertrain, delivering a maximum of 12.39kg per unit, leading to a total of 99.1kg total thrust output on the RD-4.

Q4 2019 – Q1 2020

PHASE 4: RD-4 large platform construction & optimisation.

Building on our successful air-to-air testing and development of our proprietary high thrust powertrain, the RD-4 Peacekeeper platform is capable of capturing multiple small drones, large drones and drone swarms.

Defend your perimeter
beyond line-of-sight limitations.

Individual Drones and Drone Swarms can quickly render RF jamming and High Energy Laser defence systems completely ineffective, by simply flying behind the visual line of sight, or by using low altitude approach vectors.

Dependence on these systems requires the operator to wait until the targets are within visual range, which is generally too late to mount an effective defence against multiple targets, especially given lasers require 2-3 seconds per target to take it down.

Air Shield is an Air-to-Air Interceptor system, capable of Drone-on-Drone combat. It allows the operator to proactively approach targets, disable and relocate them to a secure location outside your defence perimeter. 


We’re currently partnering with Defence organisations and Security providers to develop their anti-drone, anti-swarm and drone-on-drone combat capabilities – If you’re passionate about innovating to meet this growing threat, please contact us.