Durability. Power.
Zero Compromises.

1.8m2 All Metal Perimeter Frame

Provides complete impact protection, allowing for continued flight after air-to-air interception.

Centralised, Protected Electronics

All power and control systems contained within impact shielding.

8x Hardpoints

Customisable to carry a range of netting systems.

Extreme Power

8x Autek Alpha13 powertrains, delivering 99kg of high velocity thrust output.

The RD-4 Peacekeeper is the fourth phase in our Air Shield development program.

Building on our successful air-to-air testing and development of our proprietary high thrust powertrain, the RD-4 Peacekeeper platform is capable of capturing multiple small drones, large drones and drone swarms.


We’re currently partnering with Defence organisations and Security providers to develop their anti-drone, anti-swarm and drone-on-drone combat capabilities – If you’re passionate about innovating to meet this growing threat, please contact us.